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Friday, May 12, 2017


1. Remember Devendra Banhart? I was just reminded of him and he's currently my everything thanks to the interview he did with Nowness about his home. If anyone can be wacky to perfection, it's him. I'd kill to be a fly on the wall in his place, both when he's high and when he isn't (do you think he's the latter very often?). Also, try to pick a favorite quote. You can't. **clicks to watch for the thousandth time** I can't tell if mine is the one about the great party or anytime he's talking about his food poisoning or the art he makes or...fuck. I can't even narrow it down.

2. I was browsing the Milk Makeup website when I saw these oil blotting papers that can also be used for rolling papers. Apparently they don't work that well for the latter, but either way it's a genius idea for modern women who wanna stay high and dry. Gonna try them out and pick up their Natural Deodorant as well. And FYI: if you're looking to try a new mascara, I've been using their Ubame Mascara and am super pleased with it.

3. To me the words "fashion" and "Chloe Sevigny" are interchangeable. She's been my personal style (and beauty) icon from the moment I saw her in Kids when I was way too young to watch it. I've been obsessed ever since so I was super excited to find this interview with British Vogue about her long love affair with gettin' dressed.

4. I'm drinking whiskey as I write this. Whiskey and a little water, to be exact. I don't care if it seems more fit for cold weather, and neither do these cocktails. I'm gonna use the better half of this bottle for Bordeaux Sours this weekend, which is perfect because I've been looking for an excuse to try the French apéritif Lillet Rouge. (Edit: I actually went to a party last night and had some Lillet)

5. Pixy Liao may have started the photo series that is "Experimental Relationship" in 2007, but it's far from over. Well, it'll at least last as long as her relationship does. In these powerful photos she explores gender, power, and sex. What inspired her was her decision to (unexpectedly) dive into a relationship with a younger man, Moro, whom she photographs herself with.

6. I didn't make it to the theater to see La La Land like the rest of the world did, therefore I'M SUPER STOKED I CAN RENT IT ONLINE NOW.

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