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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Just kidding. You can peek.

1. Been swooning over Natalie Foss's illustrations recently.

2. It's definitely time for my annual screening of Scrooged (pictured above). Oh, and The Santa Clause (I had a huge crush on Bernard the elf as a child FYI).

3. Instead of tossing your dirty clothes into a suitcase before heading home for the holidays, learn how to pack like a pro. It'll make getting drunk on the plane ride there all the better.

4. Speaking of packing, you should see what Yin Xiuzhen can cram into her suitcases.

5. One of the most ridiculous things I've seen this month.

6. Been listening to Women of the Hour a ton lately. So many beautiful, powerful voices to hear!

7. Are your mom jeans body shaming you? Mine do sometimes. But when they aren't body shaming me, DAMN do I feel good in them.

8. Can I pleeeease have this in brown?!?! Ooh and this, too?!

Forever yours,
Girl With the Flu
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