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Monday, March 21, 2016

Before you ask...

Nope, it isn't the coconut oil everyone goes on and on about. Rest assured, however, that I actually am a lover of the stuff and use it daily for making my legs silky smooth and removing my makeup. I guess I go on and on about it, too...

But that's not why we're here. We're here because my skin is in the midst of the most beautiful (super dramatic) transformation I've ever seen. Its texture, its favorite hobby that is breaking out in acne, its lack of moisture and's all changing for the absolute best and that means I'm probably going to apply it every day until my last.

Called evening primrose oil, it starts life as seeds for wildflowers and ends up as the oil which fills hundreds of capsules in my kitchen cupboard. Its benefits? The one that drew me to it was its help in preventing hormonal acne breakouts. As soon as it arrived I was taking it diligently each day, but after a couple weeks or so I was impatiently like, "I dunno, this hasn't worked yet..." So with everything I second guess in life I took to Google and found it can also be applied topically. For a woman who slathers her face in honey and avocado, I was totally down for this. Each night I poked open a capsule and used a few drops along with rose hip oil and massaged it into damp skin. After many weeks of this nighttime ritual (and experimenting with the addition of other oils) I can say I'm an addict who now looks forward to cleansing my skin at night because it means I get to slather my face in magic goo.

Benefits I've seen in my skin far:
skin is supple // texture is smooth // smaller, less frequent breakouts // blemishes heal faster // a bit of a dewy glow, especially under makeup when it's been mixed with my moisturizer

BUT WAIT, there's more. Taken orally each day, evening primrose oil offers up so many more benefits for the body.

Ones such as...
a decrease in menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms // a hefty dose of the fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid // heart health benefits // its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties // nourishment for hair and nails

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  1. Hahaha loved reading this post. Gotta try this! I've been using biotin + coconut oil capsules lately but now I'm curious about primrose oil. Happy Tuesday!


  2. I've been looking for more info on primrose oil! Sounds amazing to me, especially about the part reducing menstrual cramps! So excited to try this!


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