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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Falling for:

01. My new camera. It's this one and it shoots photos and videos like a champ.
02. My girlfriend, as I do over and over again. Really though, how is she so cute?
03. Actress Lola Kirke after watching her in Mistress America the other day.

Laughing at:
01. My inability to keep money in my bank account.
02. This video on upstairs neighbors. Also just knowing I've been that upstairs neighbor.
03. Interviews and Instagrams of Jenny Slate. Also, this video her husband made of people thinking they're getting their picture taken.

01. Shoes, baby. Can't get enough. I just ordered this sexy pair and I'll be wearing 'em nonstop.
02. These socks from Hansel from Basel.
03. A really great cardigan. A big, cozy one to wear all winter long.

Going to:
01. The theater for movies instead of the sofa. I found one that I love called The Charles, and it has become a place that makes me feel at home in my new city.
02. The spot. It's an secret, unofficial dog park we found right by our apartment. It isn't really called The Spot. We just call it that.
03. The mountains! Michela and I stayed in a cabin in the mountains for a weekend this month and it ruled. The sunrises, sunsets, crisp weather, and pretty views. Take me baaaaaaack.

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