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Monday, August 10, 2015
I have always underestimated how long things will take me. Like, it's a constant problem of mine. And underestimating how long things take leads to feeling worthless and lazy, like I'm incapable of doing it all. I can't do it all every time. And I don't need to feel that way, ever. That's why I'm trying to take time to do what I did in the photo above. The chaos and mess of moving a lot of miles from my hometown has me feeling like I'm not doing enough, like I shouldn't get to relax until it's all finished and ironed out. But that's stupid, and I'm learning to give myself permission to chill. Like right now. After I finish typing this sentence I'm going to drink another seltzer water, watch bad TV, and lounge with a belly full of french fries. Basically...."Hi, I'm Charity, and I'm a student of relaxation."
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